Travel to Germany comfortably, quickly and in an environmentally friendly way by Deutsche Bahn

Germany can be reached directly by rail from more than 150 European cities. This allows you to travel comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way on your holiday. After all, Deutsche Bahn is the most environmentally friendly means of transport in Germany: all long-distance trains run on 100 per cent green electricity in Germany.

And the story continues: Deutsche Bahn will be completely climate-neutral by 2050. CO2 emissions will already be more than halved by 2030. And by 2038, the traction current will be completely converted to 100 per cent green electricity.

To ensure that you are also able to travel sustainably, comfortably and inexpensively locally, Deutsche Bahn is committed to sustainable nature tourism in the different regions through its "Fahrtziel Natur" (Destination Nature) collaboration with the three major German environmental associations.

Visitors at participating accommodation establishments receive a spa or guest card from their host, which is also valid as a ticket for the public transport system. With this service, you can use public transport free of charge during your stay. That's good for the environment and your wallet!

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