The Edersee Dam in Hesse lies in central Germany and is the country's second-largest reservoir. We take a 66 kilometre hike along the Forest Walk by the lake in three to six stages.

We cross sensational ancient beech forests in Kellerwald-Edersee National Park , some of which are centuries-old. We spot an impenetrable ancient forest when we zigzag through the dense forest and march up and down the steep slopes by the lake. But we don't actually need our compass. The Forest Walk is perfectly signposted with the letters U and E in white on a blue background. The machete can also stay at home, even though we need to climb over a couple of fallen trees. Whereas Tarzan would opt to swing from vine to vine through the forest, we take our walk at a leisurely pace. And when our feet start to hurt, we cool them down in a soothing Kneipp basin. Tired hikers can conserve their energy and take a cable car up the mountain from the station near Hemfurth-Edersee. After all, being in the great outdoors can be a challenge in itself.

TIP: Waldeck Castle

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"Visitors to the four-star hotel in Waldeck Castle can indulge in the spa and savour the restaurant's culinary delights. I also recommend visiting the castle's museum."

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