The stunning red sandstone cliffs of Heligoland jut out of the water around 70 kilometres from the mainland. The island boasts a unique natural landscape and a mild maritime climate.

Hidden way out in the North Sea, Heligoland is often referred to as Germany's only island in the high seas, even though this is not strictly true from a geographical or legal viewpoint. Heligoland's remote location and complete lack of cars mean that the air is virtually free from pollen, which is great news for anyone that suffers from allergies. The neighbouring island of Düne makes for a stunning sunbathing spot.

Tourists on Heligoland can follow themed trails all the way to Lummenfelsen, the nature conservation area with the most breeding birds in the whole of Germany. And there is plenty of flora and fauna to take in on the way too. One delicacy that's not to be missed is the famous Heligoland lobster, which can be purchased from the heritage-protected lobster huts along the harbour.

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