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Hoher Fläming Nature Park

This nature park in the south-west of Brandenburg is a hiker's paradise just outside of Berlin with its historical castles, gently rolling hills, cool streams and vast forests.

This natural landscape is sometimes referred to as "Germany's smallest mountain range". Of course, there's a hint of irony there! The 200-metre Hagelberg hill does, however, offer up a nice panoramic view of the nature park. 10,000 years ago, the melted ice from the glaciation flowed here. And now this is the site of one of Brandenburg's most important breeding grounds for grassland birds and the habitat of the great bustard. Thousands of Nordic geese and ducks fly over to spend the winter here. The "Rummeln", a type of dry valley, are a special geological feature and one of the highlights of the 147-kilometre Castles Trail along with the local boulders, clear streams and the region's four castles.

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