The north of Germany is known for its plains, but at just under 500 metres high, the Ith and Hils in Germany's Central Uplands are the exception to this rule. Hikers can immerse themselves in nature on this 80 kilometre circular route.

The Ith-Hils Trail is close to Hamelin, the town of the famous Pied Piper. Perhaps the legendary rat-catcher also trekked across the peaks of the two ridges. The Ith and the Hils are both fantastic for climbing. The rocks even have funny names: "Adam und Eva" (Adam and Eve), "Kamel" (Camel) and "Teufelsküche" (Devil's Kitchen). So when hiking, you can tell the story of how Adam and Eve roasted a camel in the devil's kitchen. Yet there are also caves, vast forestland and a few observation towers with panoramic views. On the ridge of the Ith-Hils Trail, enjoying nature is top priority. We find cosy taverns and elegant hotels in Coppenbrügge, Delligsen and Salzhemmendorf at the foot of the two hills.

TIP: from Humboldtsee lake to Eschershausen

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"I recommend the Ith-Hils trail from Humboldtsee lake to Eschershausen. There are many attractions to discover along these 17 kilometres, including cliffs such as the Wilhelm-Raabe-Klippen, several caves and a Wasserbaum water feature with water bubbling from the top."

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