The locals call Juist 'Töwerland' in their dialect, which, in its rough translation, makes the island something of a magical wonderland. And you can see where it gets its name from when you admire the 17 kilometres of beach between the Wadden Sea and wild North Sea, which you can taste, smell and hear no matter where you are on the island.

The long East Frisian island of Juist sits just a few kilometres off the mainland, between Borkum and Norderney. Wherever you are on this narrow strip of land in the North Sea, you know you won't be far from the coast and mudflats. Tourists can marvel at the ebb and flow of the tides and sometimes spot colonies of seals at the east end of the island. There's no excuse not to stay healthy here – head off on a walk along the mudflats or a bike ride around the car-free island. Or maybe you'd rather have a spa treatment or thalassotherapy? It's easy to feel at one with the sea and nature on Juist, which has led to an ambitious sustainability target having been set, with the island aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

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