Nature lovers and fans of peace and quiet are sure to love this cycle path. With the Alps in view, the route takes riders through the Allgäu with its stunning scenery, farms, onion-dome churches and quaint towns.

The slightly hilly trail starts off in Ulm and heads through riparian forests and romantic landscapes. With the Alps in the distance, the route continues through picturesque pastures and farms. In Unterallgäu, Kronburg Castle and Bad Grönenbach Castle are well worth a visit. On the right-hand side of the Iller, Memmingen and the pilgrimage churches of Maria Schnee and Maria Steinbach are only a short trip away. Upon leaving Kempten, which has two town centres, the route continues through the Allgäu region. In the crystal-clear air of Oberstdorf, it is worth taking a look at the surrounding mountains, which are up to 2,600 metres in height.

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