This 4-star ADFC quality-certified route provides plenty of cycling fun for the whole family. The flat riverside paths guide cyclists from the French border to Konz, where the River Saar flows into the Moselle.

Starting off in Sarreguemines in France, the route heads to Saarbrücken. The Old Town is the perfect place for tired cyclists to take their first rest. The Völklingen Ironworks UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a fascinating insight into the steel industry during the 20th century. A few centuries beforehand, the Sun King of France, Louis XIV was here. And this is where he decided to build Saarlouis as a fortified town with a hexagonal layout. Just a few kilometres down the road is the Saar Bow, where the river doubles back on itself. It might be a good idea for cyclists to hop off their bikes as they climb up to the "Cloef" viewpoint. In Mettlach, there are all sorts of interesting facts to learn about porcelain production, before continuing to Konz, where the river flows into the Moselle.

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