The Saarland has plenty to offer cyclists. On top of the spectacular nature, option of excursions to France, hilly areas and flat river valleys, there's the Saarland Cycle Route, a 4-star ADFC quality-certified cycle route.

Starting off in Saarbrücken, the route heads into the neighbouring Lorraine region and the town of Sarreguemines, where Art Nouveau culture abounds. Having passed through the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the route proceeds along the River Blies to Blieskastel and then on to the Oster Valley. Near Mettlach, it would be hard to miss the Saar Bow. After an uphill stretch to the wine-growing region in the area where Germany borders France and Luxembourg, the Saargau orchards are a wonderful place to stop for a rest. Once cyclists are back in the saddle, the route leads them along the French border, passing through the Warndt Forest and on to the Völklingen Ironworks, where the cycle route meets the River Saar once more. And from there it's just a leisurely cycle back to Saarbrücken.

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