The Southern Black Forest is one of the most beautiful recreation areas in Germany, boasting spectacular views from tall peaks, traditional local farms and dense woodland. This captivating blend of nature, culture and tradition is not to be missed.

Germany's largest nature park is situated in the area near the borders with France and Switzerland. It extends to Triberg with its famous waterfalls in the north, the High Rhine in the south, the source of the River Danube in the east and the city of Freiburg in the west. The scenery typically switches between the open countryside and dense woodland scattered with farms and villages. Natural havens, including moors and cliffs, are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The Feldberg is the highest peak (1,493 metres), providing the perfect conditions for hiking, mountain biking and walking in snowshoes. The massive lakes are a sight to behold and the dramatic Wutach Gorge is a major highlight in the area.

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