The UNESCO Hamburg Wadden Sea Biosphere Reserve – the smallest of the three Wadden Sea biosphere reserves – in the north of Germany surrounds a small group of islands located in the Elbe estuary just off the coast of Cuxhaven.

The nature reserve includes the car-free yet inhabited island of Neuwerk, the dune island of Scharhörn and the man-made island of Nigehörn. Visitors who head off to explore the mudflats can search for amber and watch large colonies of various species of tern, a seabird usually found near the sea, rivers or wetlands. Horse-drawn carriages through the mudflats are absolutely thrilling as are boat rides with guided tours dedicated to the birds, salt marshes and mudflats. Originally a sandbank, Scharhörn attracts visitors in their swathes mainly thanks to its colonies of sea birds. Much like the bird island of Nigehörn, which is closed off to visitors, Scharhörn never fails to astound people with its huge areas of untouched nature.

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