Culture and nature come together in remarkable ways on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, a well-signposted stretch covering some 500 kilometres from Ulm on the Danube to Friedrichshafen by Lake Constance.

The route between the Swabian Alb and Allgäu Alps, between the River Danube and Lake Constance, is lined with a wealth of magnificent Baroque castles, palaces, abbeys and churches alongside fortresses and fascinating museums. Some of the castles are still inhabited by the aristocracy to this day, whilst others are open to visitors and home to elaborate museums, temporary exhibitions and spectacular viewpoints. No other region has quite so many stunning examples of Baroque architecture.

And Mother Nature has left her mark on the Upper Swabian countryside with its gently rolling hills, where the landscapes and landmarks come together to form a beautiful masterpiece. Visitors travelling along the Upper Swabian Baroque Route have plenty of chance to experience the ongoing customs and traditions for themselves at the Palm Procession, Corpus Christi Procession, Blutritt Procession, open-air performances, Swabian-Alemannic Carnival, music events and so many more occasions.

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