The Vennbahn used to provide a railway link between Aachen and northern Luxembourg. Nowadays, cyclists follow the disused railway line through the Eifel region, the Ardennes and the Hohes Venn nature conservation area.

The route meanders along the border between Germany and Belgium, crossing it at many points and never requiring cyclists to tackle any major climbs. Upland moors and barren heaths characterise the Hohes Venn nature conservation area. At the edge of the Venn region, the route passes through the Medieval town of Monschau, home to half-timbered buildings, and the picturesque Our Valley, where gently rolling uplands alternate with narrow ravines. The Aachen Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the highlights on this route and the Old Town in the Kornelimünster district is well worth a visit. There's just so much to see and do on the Vennbahn route!

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