The Weser Cycle Route follows the course of the river from the Weser Uplands hills to the North Sea, passing through six regions along the way. Cyclists can enjoy a leisurely bike ride to the coast without really having to worry about any steep climbs.

The Weser Upland hills are lined with historical towns, castles and palaces as far as the eye can see. In Hamelin, the Pied Piper's House is well worth a visit, whilst the Town Hall with Statue of Roland UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historical Old Town are not to be missed in Bremen. The North German Plain consists of a vast expanse of land dotted with moors, villages, farms and windmills. On the way to the coast, cyclists pedal their way through the open green spaces of the Wesermarsch district until they reach the coastal port of Bremerhaven, which is famous for the German Maritime Museum and the German Emigration Centre. The beach and sea at Cuxhaven are the final highlights of the route.

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