We see German myths and fairy tales come to life on the uplands and in the forests and localities surrounding the Weser river and meet Sleeping Beauty, Baron von Münchhausen and the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Baron von Münchhausen and Sleeping Beauty along the way.

The Weser Uplands Trail starts in Hann. Münden – which is also the starting point of the Werra Castle Trail . We head north above the Weser. The Weser Uplands Trail takes us to Bodenwerder, the residence of Baron von Münchhausen, who was nicknamed the Lügenbaron or "Baron of Lies". We then hike up the Solling hills, discover what the forest adventure park has to offer and explore a moor. There is also a chance to take a look around the Sababurg, the castle where Sleeping Beauty is said to have fallen into her 100-year slumber. At Bad Karlshafen we find the city of hot springs and in the Reinhardswald we explore one of the most sparsely populated forests in Germany. We continue to Rinteln, a small town with many buildings dating back to the Weser Renaissance period, and past the visitor mine in Kleinenbremen. Without a word of a lie: our hike ends in Porta Westfalica at the water gap of the Weser.

TIP: Hamelin

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"The Old Town of Hamelin is enchanting. This town on the Weser is famous worldwide for its Pied Piper. A city tour with a guide in an authentic Pied Piper outfit comes highly recommended."

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