The Westhavelland Nature Park to the west of Berlin is defined by its waters, especially those of the River Havel with its distinctive lowlands. The night sky here is nothing short of impressive either, as it doesn't get much darker anywhere else in Germany.

Boasting meadows, forests and lakes, the Westhavelland acts as an important resting point for Nordic migratory birds and a habitat for endangered flora and fauna. Wading and aquatic birds, beavers, otters, white-tailed eagles and red kites are likely to be spotted here alongside rare great bustards. The brightly blooming wetlands and boggy lowlands of the Lower Havel Lowlands define the picturesque riverside landscape, which provides the perfect setting for a canoe trip, houseboat holiday or passenger ship cruise. The Havel region's idyllic villages are well worth a visit. Milow also just so happens to be home to the nature park's visitor centre. A trip to Rathenow's Old Town also comes highly recommended. At Germany's first dark sky park, visitors can admire the remarkable sights of the dark starry sky above.

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