The baroque Fasanerie Palace was built between 1708 and 1714. Visitors are treated to a collection of porcelain from Fulda's manufactory, stately rooms dating back to the 19th century and a magnificent view from the tower.

Fasanerie Palace in Fulda is one of the most splendid baroque palaces in Hesse. Located around seven kilometres outside of the city centre, the residence is perched on slightly elevated terrain and surrounded by wonderful forests. The first Prince-Bishop of Fulda, Amand von Buseck, and architect Andreas Gallasini designed the palace as it is now in around 1740. The north wing boasts a stunning rococo stucco ceiling and the south wing is home to 19th century relics, including fine arts and crafts and furniture from the empire.

Separate showrooms host a delightful collection of porcelain pieces from all of the early factories in Europe. The antique collection at Fasanerie Palace is regarded as one of the finest private collections in Germany. It includes a wide range of ceramics and small works of art, large sculptures and portrait busts spanning over a thousand years to the present day. The palace is surrounded by enchanting baroque gardens covering some 100 hectares.

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