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Château de Moritzburg et Fasanenschlösschen

Château de Moritzburg et Fasanenschlösschen

Le Château de Moritzburg est l'un des plus imposants de tous les châteaux baroques d'Europe centrale. . Il est construit sur une île au milieu d'un étang et l'on peut s'y rendre en empruntant une allée. A la visite du château il faut ajouter une promenade romantique menant à un charmant petit château rococo, le "Fasanenschlösschen".

Even the walk up to the castle is breathtaking. You approach the little lake where the castle rises on top of an island along an avenue through the vast romantic park grounds. With its four massive round towers surrounded by eight sentry boxes, it was a real dream come true for Augustus the Strong, who created a summer retreat here outside his electoral residency Dresden.

The absolute beauty of absolutism

Originally a hunting lodge in Renaissance style, Augustus the Strong began converting Moritzburg Castle into a Baroque hunting and summer residence from 1723. One of his descendants finished the elaborate work. Leather wallpaper and the worldwide unique feather room with wall hangings made from natural and artificial feathers are testament to the extravagant taste of that era. The Little Pheasant Castle in the park and monumental Venus fountain were built at that time and are both visually connected to Moritzburg Castle by a 2.5-kilometre long avenue.

Ultimate perfection

Its own harbour with jetty and Saxony’s only lighthouse formed the backdrop for naval battle re-enactments – a truly decadent pleasure in the age of absolutism. The rulers probably relaxed in the French-style castle garden created on the edge of the castle pond afterwards. It is currently being carefully reconstructed based on original drawings from 1740 and will therefore complete the work of art more perfectly that you could ever imagine.