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Cyclist on the River Iller Cycle Path at Oberstdorf

River Iller Cycle Path - with Alpine panorama

Nature lovers and fans of peace and quiet will love this cycle path along the River Iller. With the Alps in view, the route takes riders through the Allgäu with its stunning scenery, farms, onion-dome churches and quaint towns.

The quality cycle route begins at Ulm Minster, the highest church tower in the world, or in the Fishermen’s Quarter in Ulm’s old town, and ends in the famous winter sports resort of Oberstdorf in the Alps. The slightly hilly trail heads south through riparian forests and romantic landscapes. With the Alps in the distance, the route continues through picturesque pastures and courtyards. In Unterallgäu, keep to the left of the river to visit Kronburg Castle and Bad Grönenbach Castle. On the right-hand side of the Iller, Memmingen and the pilgrimage churches of Maria Schnee and Maria Steinbach are only a short trip away. After crossing the Iller dam in the picturesque town of Kempten, which has two town centres, the route continues along the mountain river through the tranquil Allgäu region. In the crystal-clear air of Oberstdorf, it is worth taking a look at the ski jumps and the surrounding mountains, which are up to 2,600 metres in height. The River Iller Cycle Path is a truly natural experience with stunning views!

Characteristics: The route hugs the River Iller as it winds through vast landscapes with distant views of the Alps. And there are plenty more idyllic natural sights and interesting locations to discover along the route.

Scenery: Following the course of the River Iller, the cycle path heads towards the impressive Alpine backdrop.

At a glance: River Iller Cycle Path


The International Danube Festival has been taking place every other year since 1998, putting the spotlight on a different topical theme from politics or culture each time. A wide spectrum of cultures and lifestyles join together for the festival in Ulm and Neu-Ulm to celebrate the international Danube partnership and to strengthen relations between the communities connected by the river Danube.

For ten days Ulm city centre and the banks of the Danube buzz with activity, as international artists and guests gather to celebrate the coming-together of all the countries and regions along the Danube from the Swabian Alb all the way to the Black Sea via Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The diverse nature of the Danube region soon becomes apparent, and is further reinforced by the many events that make this festival so special. Whether through music and dance or literature and theatre, every Danube country puts its best foot forward. This celebration of diversity is extended to the food and drink on offer too. The festival is always firmly focused on 'unity in diversity', the guiding principle of cultural cooperation in Europe in general and the Danube region in particular.

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