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Bad Wurzach Palace: Baroque staircase

Upper Swabian Baroque Route – In the heavenly realm of the Baroque

On this route, you can marvel at the majesty of the Baroque, as well as enjoy a storybook landscape. Unique culture and natural landscape come together on the approximately 500 km long Upper Swabian Baroque Route which runs from Ulm on the Danube to Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance.

The four routes of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, with its trademark road sign depicting a yellow cherub on a green background, are a pleasure for the senses. Grandiose ceiling art, opulent decorations, lively colours, rosy-cheeked saints, light-flooded cupolas adorned with jubilant angels, snow-white stucco and gold that is almost dazzling to the eye and ceiling frescos that transport you to the realms of the Greek gods: the Upper Swabian Baroque Route is a true gateway to the Baroque in all its lavish splendour.

A Baroque style unique to this region

A wealth of magnificent Baroque castles, palaces, abbeys and churches adorn the route from the Swabian Alb and the Allgäu Alps between the Danube and Lake Constance. The elaborate architecture and décor on display here is reason enough to visit. Some castles are still occupied by the aristocracy to this day whilst others are open to visitors as grand museums that host temporary exhibitions and other events. No other region is as steeped in the Baroque as Upper Swabia and Mother Nature herself has not been unkind: together the Baroque buildings and lightly hilled landscape are a masterpiece.

A mirror of Upper Swabian culture

As you travel along the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, the region's living traditions such as the Palm Procession, Corpus Christi Procession, Blutritt Procession, open-air theatre, the Swabian Alemannic Carnival (Fasnacht) and music events will be on display again and again. You can also sample the delicacies of the 17th and 18th centuries at a Baroque feast or even take part in a medieval banquet. It's an indescribable yet truly unforgettable experience.

Upper Swabian Baroque Route

Length: approximately 500 km

Theme: culture, Baroque, nature

Bad Saulgau: pilgrimage site, abbey
Bad Schussenried: abbey, pilgrimage church, Kürnbach Museum Village (Museumsdorf Kürnbach)
Bad Wurzach: mud spa, palace with Baroque staircase
Friedrichshafen: Zeppelin Town
Ochsenhausen: abbey
Ravensburg: City of Towers and Gates, leisure park
Ulm: minster, highest church tower in the world
Weingarten: St. Martin's Abbey (Klosterkirche St. Martin) that was built in Rococo style
Wiblingen: Benedictine abbey and library
Zwiefalten: pilgrimage site