Allgäu Cycle Loop
Allgäu Cycle Loop ©Allgäu GmbH (Christof Gramann)

Allgäu Cycle Loop – an alpine backdrop all the way

The term lush green could have been invented to describe the Allgäu, an incredible landscape of mountain lakes and pastures. With the mighty Alps a constant backdrop, you'll quickly see why the route was awarded four stars by the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC).

The route begins in the former realm of Ludwig II of Bavaria, the fairytale king whose famous Neuschwanstein Castle is an early highlight of this tour. Perhaps less well known but slightly more mysterious are the ruins of castles Falkenberg and Eisenberg. It's well worth stopping in Füssen, famous for its lute and violin-making heritage, and Kempten, the main town of the Allgäu region and the hub of this route, which has no fewer than nine variants. One name that you'll see a lot on your tour is Sebastian Kneipp, who first discovered the healing powers of the mountain water and invented a special form of hydrotherapy that still bears his name. There are lots of rivers and streams on the wayside where you can try your very own Kneipp cure – simply roll up your trousers and step into the cold water.

Terrain: Varied tour with hilly sections, following disused railway tracks away from the traffic. The Iller and Allgäu cycleways split the loop into four parts to create nine variations of the route.

Scenery: Riverbank scenery with breathtaking views of the Alps for almost the entire way.

At a glance: Allgäu Cycle Loop

  • Length: 450 km
    Circular route
  • Starts: Füssen
  • Travel: (nearest city):
    Kempten 44 km
  • About the route: hilly in places, steep climbs, majority of route suitable for trailers

4-star ADFC quality-certified cycle route

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