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Mainau Island, Italianate flower cascade and Renaissance garden

The flower island of Count Bernadotte: Lake Constance's Swedish king

It took a Swedish prince to transform Mainau into the floral paradise that we see today. In 1932, Count Lennart Bernadotte began to devote his passion for horticulture to this Lake Constance island. The parks and gardens are today managed by his children.

ボーデン湖に浮かぶ、有名な花の島マイナウでは、わずか45ヘクタールの面積に、他に類を見ないほど多種多様な花卉や樹木が育っています。 その他にも、13 世紀建造のバロック宮殿やパームハウス、ドイツ最大の放蝶温室があります。 続きを読む »