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Potsdam, Chinese tea house in Sanssouci Park
Potsdam, Babelsberg Palace
Mainau Island, Italianate flower cascade and Renaissance garden
Dresden, Brühl Terrace on the River Elbe
Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
Fulda, mirrored hall in the palace
Hannover, Herrenhausen Gardens – baroque Great Garden
Dresden, Moritzburg Palace
Herrenchiemsee Palace, hall of mirrors and magnificently decorated hallway
Isselburg, Anholt moated castle
Dresden, Pillnitz Palace and park – upper and riverside palaces
Bad Liebenstein, Altenstein Palace
Albrechtsburg Castle, Meissen
No.32 Attraction in Germany: Dresden, large vase in Zwinger Palace
Berlin, Glienicke Palace & Park – fountain in the garden courtyard
Ludwigsburg, 'Favorite' Palace – baroque summer residence and hunting lodge
Pattensen, Marienburg Castle – entrance to the inner courtyard
Bayreuth, fountain at Fantaisie Palace

Famous figures: from Augustus the Strong to the 'green prince'

Many of Germany's palaces and gardens were established as private residences and retreats. The way in which they were designed reflects the legacies and family heritage of some of the most famous figures in German history.

Muskau Park, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, owes its existence to a trip to England made by the 'green prince' Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. The origins of Neuschwanstein Castle go back to Ludwig II of Bavaria's obsession with Richard Wagner. That Neuschwanstein was never completed is blamed on Ludwig's removal from the throne and early death. Many such stories surround the castles and palaces of Germany.

See Dresden through the eyes of Augustus the Strong or follow the trail of Old Fritz at Sanssouci Palace and Park. Discover the men behind the architecture.