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The Steigerwald Nature Park: between the Hassberge Hills and the Franconian Heights

The Steigerwald Nature Park offers wonderful walks through forests, meadows and vineyards in villages with prestigious histories and tempting traditional specialities. The Steigerwald Panorama Trail, which has been awarded the "Walkable Germany" quality seal, takes visitors through the region's most beautiful sights.

In the picturesque southern spa resort of Bad Windsheim, the mountainous landscape of the Steigerwald is formed from a multitude of individual peaks that are separated from one another by valley meadows. Here hikers can find a wide variety of rare to exceptionally rare plants and animals such as orchids and endangered butterfly species.

Further north, an almost uninterrupted crest of mountains extends from the town of Iphofen that lies in the shadow of Schwanberg Mountain all the way to Zabelstein Mountain. Here observation points offer visitors a breathtaking view over the mountains that reaches far into Franconia. The secluded mountain landscape is characterised by many small ponds and is truly a dream destination for lovers or bird life and dragonflies.

Vast beech forests, some of the most beautiful in Germany, separate Zabelstein Mountain from the market community of Ebrach. Their mighty trunks tower into the sky like the arches and columns of a Gothic cathedral, obscuring the view with their interweaving canopies that blaze gold in May and regain their colour later into the year.

Of the region's many pleasant, friendly places, it is Ebrach that really stands out: the Cistercian abbey that was founded here in 1127 is home to artistic treasures of national significance. The mighty Schwarzenberg Castle that dominates the landscape above the town of Scheinfeld is just one of the many important attractions to be found within the nature park.

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