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Gotha, Friedenstein Palace

문화와 계몽의 바로크 세계: 튀링겐과 작센

30년 전쟁이 끝난 후 사람들은 단 한가지만을 갈구하고 있었습니다. 그것은 바로 삶 그 자체였습니다! 이 왕성한 삶에 대한 욕구는 바로크 양식으로 꽃을 피웠습니다. 곳곳에 귀족들의 웅장한 저택이 세워졌습니다. 여러분도 바로크의 화려함에 빠져보십시오!

The seat of the princes of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, this palace was built in 1737. It is one of the most magnificent baroque palaces in Thuringia. In the main wing there is a series of magnificent baroque rooms. Heidecksburg Palace is the headquarters of the Thuringian Palaces and Gardens Foundation.

Strictly ordered from the outside, the epitome of opulence inside, this monumental structure – one of the first baroque palaces in Germany – towers over the town of Gotha. read more »

This stately home near Radebeul, doubling as a themed winery, is the first of its kind in Europe. Augustus the Strong and his courtiers once celebrated the pleasures of the grape here. Today's visitors are greeted by a modern vineyard estate. This baroque house and garden has its own inn and a tradition of making wine and sekt that dates back 800 years.