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Mannheim Palace
Benrath Palace and Park
Schwetzingen Palace, outdoor theatre at the Apollo temple

바로크 양식과 프랑스적 우아함이 결합된 팔츠: 팔츠 선제후의 궁전들

팔츠의 선제후 칼 테오도르는 사치와 아름다운 예술을 사랑했습니다. 그와 함께 니더라인 지방까지 영향을 미친 팔츠의 '황금 시대'가 시작되었습니다. 볼테르, 고트홀트 에프라임 레싱과 같은 작가들이 이곳에서 작품 활동을 했습니다.

The construction of Mannheim Palace on the Upper Rhine, one of the largest absolutist baroque palaces, began under Elector Carl Philipp in 1720. Building work - including contributions by the eminent Balthasar Neumann and Nicolas de Pigage – continued on the vast palace complex for around 40 years.

This splendid building in a suburb of Düsseldorf was designed for Elector Palatine Carl Theodor by Nicolas de Pigage in the 18th century. A vast park covering over 60 hectares stretches away to the south of the palace.

Among the treasures of Schwetzingen Palace are a mosque with Moorish-style domes, a picturesque mock ruin, a bath house in marble and a splendid Apollo temple. read more »