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Isselburg, Anholt moated castle

독일 역사의 로맨틱한 반영: 바르트부르크

이 성은 거의 1,000년에 걸친 격동의 역사를 간직하고 있습니다. 바르트부르크에서 중세시대 음유시인 볼프람 폰 에센바흐와 발터 폰 포겔바이데가 그들의 기예를 겨루었고 마틴 루터가 잉크병을 악마에게 집어던진 일도 있었다고 합니다.

First mentioned in the 12th century, Anholt moated castle in the western part of Münsterland is one of the region's few privately owned castles. Thanks to Prince Nikolaus of Salm-Salm, the moated castle now serves as a museum. read more »

Large sections of the magnificent Marksburg Castle perched high above the Rhine date from the 13th to 15th century. Consisting of several buildings, including a keep, outer wards and ramparts, this impressive fortress takes you on a romantic journey into the Middle Ages.

Tucked away in a tributary valley of the river Moselle and surrounded by unspoilt natural scenery, Eltz Castle is one of the finest and best-preserved castles in Germany. Features of particular note include the rambling layout of its buildings with the high residential towers nestled close together.

The discovery of veins of silver led the Saxon and Salian emperors to build their largest and most secure castle in Goslar on the edge of the Harz mountains. Together with Goslar's old quarter, the palace is part of the town's UNESCO World Heritage site and houses the largest, oldest and best-preserved imperial residence in Germany.