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Potsdam, Babelsberg Palace
Bad Liebenstein, Altenstein Palace

"내 정원은 나의 심장이다": 제후 퓌클러무스카우

그의 첫 작품인 무스카우 대정원은 현재 유네스코 세계유산으로 등록되어 있으며 그의 후기작인 브라니츠 정원 또한 귀한 보물입니다. 헤르만 폰 퓌클러무스카우 공은 모험가이자 신사이자 플레이보이였고 아마추어 조경사로서 그 시대의 천재적인 정원 예술가가 되었습니다.

Babelsberg Palace and Park are located in the district of the same name in Potsdam, the state capital of Brandenburg. This summer residence for the future Kaiser Wilhelm I was built in 1833. Many of the original furnishings remain intact and reflect the dominance of neo-Gothic at the time.

Situated in the Thuringian Forest not far from Erfurt, this two-storey, neo-Renaissance palace is at the heart of an idyllic country park boasting a waterfall and natural cave. From this former summer residence of the Dukes of Saxe-Meiningen and its park, you can enjoy wonderful views as far as the Rhön hills.