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Albrechtsburg Castle, Meissen
Dresden, Pillnitz Palace and park – upper and riverside palaces
Dresden, Moritzburg Palace
No.32 Attraction in Germany: Dresden, large vase in Zwinger Palace
Dresden, Brühl Terrace on the River Elbe

작센의 "태양왕" 강력한 아우구스트

그는 오늘날 "엘베강 유역의 플로렌스"라 불리는 도시의 기반을 닦았습니다. 예술에 대한 소양이 깊었던 선제후 "강력한 아우구스트"는 드레스덴을 초기 18 세기에 유럽의 문화적 중심 도시로 만들었습니다. 도심과 시외곽에 남아있는 웅장한 바로크 양식의 건축물들이 지금도 그 아름다움을 과시하고 있습니다.

Pillnitz, which now forms a district of Dresden, is a delightful amalgamation of Elbe riverscapes and vineyard scenery, an idyllic park and a trio of unique, fascinating buildings. read more »

Dresden's Zwinger Palace is famous around the world for its beautiful baroque architecture. It was built in 1709 during the reign of Augustus the Strong. The remarkable sculptures adorning the gallery walls are by various artists and help make this one of the main attractions in Saxony's regional capital. read more »

Grosssedlitz is one of Germany's finest and most unusual garden compositions. Landscaping began in 1719, and after Augustus the Strong took such a delight in the gardens he bought the site in 1723. He then had them extensively converted according to his own designs in the French style.

Moritzburg Palace is one of the most impressive baroque palaces in central Europe. Reached via a tree-lined avenue, it is situated on an island in the middle of a lake. After visiting the palace, you can enjoy a romantic stroll to the enchanting Fasanenschlösschen (little pheasant castle) built in the rococo style. read more »

Even the writer Heinrich von Kleist was distracted from his reading here as he "looked down from the high banks into the wonderful Elbe Valley below". Known as the 'balcony of Europe' because of the huge flight of steps leading up from the palace square, Brühl Terrace attracts visitors from all over the world.

Meissen's famous landmark sits in splendour overlooking the town, which is famous for its porcelain. Built in the 15th century, it is considered to be Germany's earliest example of a purely residential castle. Besides the impressive cathedral, the castle ward also features the Grand Staircase, a semi-open spiral stairwell that is unsurpassed in terms of artistry and scale.