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Istorizmo brangakmeniai: pasakiškos praeities pastatų kopijos

XIX amžiuje statytojai (ir kilmingieji, ir biurgeriai) mielai kopijavo ankstesnius stilius. Todėl buvo statomos pasakiškos pilys su parkais, tokios kaip Noišvanšteino pilis. Leiskitės suklaidinami, pasinerkite į sapną apie tolimą praeitį.

This romantic fairytale fortress, with all its many towers, domes and wings, is reflected in the waters of Lake Schwerin. It was completed in 1857 and symbolised the powerful dynasty of its founder, Friedrich Franz II. read more »

On Tempelberg hill on Rügen Island, in the ancient beech forests of Granitz, Prince Wilhelm Malte I zu Putbus had a hunting cabin converted into a neo-classical hunting lodge between 1837 and 1851. Today's visitors can be grateful for the breathtaking panoramic views this offers across large parts of Rügen and as far as the island of Usedom.

Originally a medieval castle that protected German emperors on their hunting trips to the Harz mountains, Wernigerode was converted into a Renaissance fortress in the 16th century.