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Koblenz, Stolzenfels Castle overlooking the Rhine

Neogotikinio romantizmo suklestėjimas: atgal į viduramžius

Kaip viduramžių Fata Morgana atrodo romantizmo epochos neogotikinės pilys XIX amžiuje. Elegantiškos smailios arkos, grakštūs bokšteliai, išdailinti kryžminiai skliautai dar gražesni, nei gotikos laikais.

The Dutch word that lends its name to this medieval moated castle means 'beautiful land'. In 2006, the castle's splendid grounds were voted the prettiest parklands in North Rhine-Westphalia in recognition of their harmonious blend of architecture, landscaped gardens and modern culture.

Fortified with a multitude of towers and turrets, Hohenzollern Castle sits in splendour almost 900 metres above the Swabian Alb. This is a storybook fortress from the heyday of the neo-Gothic. read more »

High above the Rhine in Koblenz stands the crowning glory of Rhine Romanticism, Stolzenfels Castle – a triumph of the period with its fabulous architecture and beautifully decorated halls and rooms. read more »