Planten un Blomen Park, Hamburg. The people's favourite park.

A leafy oasis in the heart of Hamburg, Planten un Blomen Park offers 47 hectares of fountains, lawns and floral displays. There is no charge to get in, and you're sure to leave feeling relaxed.

A park "for birds, for pleasure and for the people of Hamburg" was established on the site in 1930, followed in 1935 by a horticultural exhibition called Planten un Blomen (local dialect for plants and flowers), the name which remains to this day. In the centre of the Planten un Blomen Park stands an array of listed tropical hothouses retained from the previous botanical gardens. The park's traditional rose garden, occupying 5,000 square metres, offers a different kind of calm and tranquillity. The flowerbeds with box hedging are the perfect backdrop for the classical concerts that are performed here every day throughout the summer season. There is also an apothecary garden where visitors can learn about the healing powers of plants. Stressed city dwellers love nothing more than sitting by the fountains during the water and light shows. In 1985 work began on the ramparts, and a delightful Japanese garden with a teahouse was added, the largest of its kind in Europe. Children can expend their energy in the fun-packed playground, while visitors of all ages can go ice skating in winter. The huge rink is one of the largest outdoor rinks in the world and is used by roller skaters and bladers in summer. Located in the south-west tip, the Museum of Hamburg History tells the story of the city from its origins around 800 AD to the present day. Nearby attractions: when it opened 100 years ago Hagenbeck Zoo was the first to dispense with caged enclosures and paved the way for zoo keeping as we know it today. With 25 hectares of varied countryside and 7km of marked trails, it is now a themed family attraction offering an unforgettable experience for all. The Speicherstadt district from the late 19th century remains to this day the largest warehouse complex in the world. In 1991 the buildings came under a preservation order. In St. Pauli, the Landungsbrücken landing stages – the 'gateway to the world' – is where barges, sightseeing boats and museum ships set off on harbour tours.

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