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Spas & health resorts from A to Z
Bad Wörishofen, thermal baths
Bad Sobernheim
Baltic spa resort of Göhren, Hohenzollern House

Autovindecarea simplă prin metodele Kneipp, Felke şi Schroth

Creatorii legendarelor terapii Kneipp, Felke şi Schroth au urmărit exact acest obiectiv: să ajute organismul în procesul de autovindecare. Şi au reuşit, cu ajutorul unui amestec de ingrediente adecvate.

Bad Schandau is an old-established spa resort in Saxon Switzerland. Its spa facilities adhere to the naturopathic principles developed by Sebastian Kneipp, the father of hydrotherapy, and were built during his lifetime. read more »

The town of Bad Lauterberg in the Harz mountains is a recognised hydrotherapy spa resort that is also known for its Schroth treatments – a combination that will appeal to all health-conscious travellers. read more »

Germany's only Felke spa resort, which is set among vineyards, meadows and forests, attracts many visitors and spa guests to this holiday region. read more »

Bad Schmiedeberg is located in the heart of Düben Heath nature reserve. The diverse countryside creates an exceptional backdrop for this resort which provides a broad spectrum of leisure and fitness breaks. read more »

120 years ago Sebastian Kneipp made Wörishofen the talk of Germany with his unique Kneipp spa treatments and this time-honoured spa resort in the Allgäu has been a popular holiday destination ever since. read more »

In Germany's only Schroth spa resort, which lies between Neuschwanstein Castle and Lake Constance, visitors can leave their everyday vices behind and strengthen the body's own defences. read more »

Anyone in search of relaxation will enjoy the fresh sea air and health-boosting hydrotherapy treatments in Göhren, the third-largest resort on the island of Rügen. read more »