View of a crane roost on Lake Galenbeck
Lake Galenbeck at sunset ©Naturpark Am Stettiner Haff
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Szczecin Bay Nature Park – tranquillity in open countryside

The unspoilt, lagoon-dotted coastline, extensive forest and centuries-old cultivated landscape make this area, situated in north-eastern Germany on the border with Poland, an attractive holiday destination.

Nestled in a picturesque landscape, the towns of Ueckermünde, Torgelow and Eggesin are just as inviting as the traditional farm and fishing villages on the bay and the settlements of agricultural workers that can be found throughout the region.

The nature park, which sits on the largely undeveloped coastline, is distinguished by its sprawling woodland, in which broad, tranquil pine forests stand in contrast to the beech-covered terminal moraine landscape of the Brohmer hills. In 2009, around 7,600 hectares of mixed deciduous forest here became one of the largest protected areas of forest in Germany.

This extensive forestry and wood resource was in the past the basis for traditional skilled trades such as charcoal burning, tar making, boat manufacture and glass production.

Hidden-away fens and wetlands are as much a part of the reserve as the various lakes, peat areas and waterways. Not surprisingly, lesser spotted eagles, cranes, beavers and otters can still be seen in this biodiverse habitat.

There are various outdoor activities to be enjoyed. A wide range of services is on offer at the marinas and landing stages found not just on the bay itself but also on the Randow, Uecker und Zarow rivers. Over 1,000 kilometres of cycle routes and 440 kilometres of walking trails invite you to explore the region, or you could travel on horseback, choosing from 320 kilometres of bridle paths and a range of horse riding stables. Cultural attractions such as Ukranenland archaeological village, the Middle Ages Centre in Torgelow and the nature park exhibition at Eggesin train station are all worth a visit.

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