The Szczecin Lagoon Nature Park is situated in the north-east of Germany on the border with Poland. Vast forests, old cultural landscapes and the unspoiled coastline dotted with lagoons make this an attractive holiday destination.

At the Szczecin Lagoon Nature Park, tranquil pine forests stand in contrast to the beech-covered terminal moraine landscape of the Brohmer hills. Hidden moors and wetlands can be found in the nature park alongside lakes, peat areas and waterways. Given the diversity of the habitat here, it should come as no surprise that visitors are likely to catch sight of lesser spotted eagles, cranes, beavers and otters. As well as several hundred kilometres worth of cycle paths and hiking trails, the region can also be explored on bridle paths. Luckily, there are plenty of riding schools and stables nearby. Plus, there is a whole host of activities to be enjoyed at the marinas and landing stages found on the lagoon and the Randow, Uecker and Zarow Rivers.

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