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Romantic Road Cycle Route – cycling Germany's first scenic route

Founded in 1950, the Romantic Road has become one of the most popular scenic routes in Germany thanks to its culture and scenery. The route, divided into four wonderfully diverse sections, has also become a firm favourite with cyclists.

Your tour gets off to a memorable start, high above the river Main in beautiful Würzburg. As well as its baroque Residenz Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Würzburg also has a fantastic old town with lots of welcoming inns and restaurants in which you can enjoy fine wines from the region.

Through the Tauber valley to Rothenburg

The enchanting Tauber valley is like something from a picture book. It is renowned not only for its charming scenery but also for its idyllic towns such as Tauberbischofsheim, Bad Mergentheim and Weikersheim, which is home to a famous palace. The route then calls at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the quintessential medieval town and a place that is simply steeped in history – ideal for taking a trip back in time.

A landscape of craters and fairytale castles

Now in Middle Franconia we stop at Schillingsfürst, home to Schillingsfürst Palace, and then Feuchtwangen with its beautiful old town. People say that Dinkelsbühl is almost as pretty as Rothenburg, but whether you agree or not, it's certainly worth a look. Between the Swabian and Franconian hills is the Nördlinger Ries depression, which was formed around 15 million years ago by a meteorite impact. After the town of Harburg, home to one of the oldest medieval castles in Germany, comes the Pfaffenwinkel region with its many monasteries and beautiful churches. Just before the end of the route in Füssen you arrive at the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein: yet another highlight on a tour that lives up to its name from start to finish.

Terrain: Well-maintained route with lots of easy to medium climbs, running mainly on tarmac side roads or on paths through fields. Very little traffic.

Scenery: Hilly river scenery with forests, meadows and fields along the rivers Main, Tauber, Wörnitz and Lech.

At a glance: Romantic Road Cycle Route


The International Africa Festival, founded in 1989, is the largest festival for African music and culture in Europe. Visitors from Germany and abroad flock to the former royal seat of Würzburg in Bavaria to experience the rich culture and exuberance of Africa.

Across four stages and in front of 100,000 people, more than 250 musicians and dancers give a real taste of Africa's rich musical traditions. Besides concerts, there are colourful bazaars selling handicrafts and everyday objects, countless stands serving delicious African food and drink, a craft market, children's entertainment, exhibitions and a late-night programme featuring African and Caribbean DJs.

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30.05.2019 - 02.06.2019

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