Würzburg is a pleasant harmony of history, culture and wine. This university city and former royal seat is idyllically situated on either side of the Main River and offers a vibrant atmosphere and an endearing charm.

Würzburg is a Baroque city offering southern German flair and Franconian hospitality. Architectural masterpieces from various eras shape the cityscape. Even from afar, the two imposing towers of St. Kilian Cathedral – the fourth largest Romanesque church in Germany – point the way to the city. Würzburg's famous landmarks are the Würzburg Residence with its Court Gardens and Residence Square (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Marienberg Fortress and the 180-metre-long Old Main Bridge, which is lined with impressive statues of saints. Gracefully straddling the banks of the Main River amid idyllic vineyards, the location alone is reason enough to visit Würzburg.

One of the city's fascinating museums, at Marienberg Fortress, houses the largest collection of works by the famous woodcarver and sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider. Slightly more modern art from the 19th century to the present day is the focus of the 3,500-square-metre museum in the Kulturspeicher building at the old port. Did you know that a different discovery, that of the X-ray, was made in Würzburg? Röntgen's original laboratory has been preserved and welcomes visitors, who can follow up the tour by giving the city a thorough examination.

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