Saxon Switzerland National Park: View of the Bastei and its surroundings
Saxon Switzerland National Park: View of the Bastei and its surroundings ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

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Saxon Switzerland National Park

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Saxon Switzerland National Park region – 100 million years of nature

Just a short train ride south from Dresden, on the border with the Czech Republic, a stunning landscape of dramatic rock formations awaits walkers, mountain climbers and nature lovers.

As the birthplace of free climbing, Saxon Switzerland National Park offers a climbing environment that is second to none. A total of 1,106 free-standing sandstone peaks make this area in Saxony the most varied outdoor climbing location in Germany. And with 21,000 different climbing routes to choose from, there's every chance you'll have the rock face to yourself. But if you're not yet ready to scale the rocky crags, you can learn the art of climbing at a local climbing school.

Sustainable nature conservation

The climbing regulations enforced in the Saxony region show that recreational climbing and nature conservation do not have to be mutually exclusive. They ensure that this natural climbing paradise is not subjected to any damage and prohibit anything that takes the place of strength or skill or that puts undue strain on the soft rock.

A unique landscape to explore at your own pace

This rocky national park is also considered one of the most spectacular walking regions in Europe. The 112 kilometres of the Painters' Way, for example, offer ever-changing scenery and sensational views. You can also see the dramatic rock formations from the saddle of your bike, for example on the Elbe Cycle Route that runs alongside the national park. Many paths within the Saxon Switzerland National Park are also suitable for bikes.

A dramatic backdrop for film and opera

Because of the uniqueness of the landscape, Saxon Switzerland has been used as a film set by many international film directors. Famous operas are also performed amid the rocks and crags on one of the most beautiful open-air stages in Europe.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Unique features

  • Dramatic rock formations of the Elbe Sandstone Massif
  • Open-air theatre

Rock climbing, rock climbing lessons, walking, cycling

Crags, forests, rivers

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Travel information
Closest ICE train station and closest major city: Dresden (37km)

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