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Spas & health resorts from A to Z
The Baltic resort of Damp
Boltenhagen, Baltic spa resort
St. Peter-Ording
Bad Doberan / Heiligendamm
Heringsdorf Baltic health resort, view of the pier
bade:haus Norderney

تالاسو: إعادة اكتشاف فن الاستشفاء الخاص بقدماء اليونان على ساحل البحر

تبزغ ميزة موقع ألمانيا الجغرافي، من حيث كونها تطل على بحري الشمال والبلطيق، في الرحلات العلاجية: يتم تسخير مخزون المياه البحرية الوفير في المناطق الشمالية لخدمة أغراض تحسين الصحة.

Heringsdorf is one of the oldest and biggest seaside resorts on the island of Usedom. It was presented with the Premium Thalasso Europe award in 2008, a testament to the high quality of treatments on offer. read more »

An 18km sandy beach coupled with a perfect coastal climate make this Baltic resort a wonderful destination for mind, body and soul. read more »

At Graal-Müritz the air and water quality is so good that the town has received official recognition as a state-sanctioned health resort, thanks to its perfect coastal location and remarkable bioclimate. read more »

The spot where Duke Friedrich Franz I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin bathed back in 1793 is still a popular destination for health-conscious holidaymakers today. read more »

Boltenhagen's healthy sea air, leisure facilities and wide range of therapies and wellness options make it ideal for a relaxing break. read more »

Waves, water and wind dictate the rhythm of life on the seven East Frisian islands located within the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Among these islands is Norderney, Germany's oldest North Sea spa resort. read more »

For over 150 years now, holidaymakers have been travelling to St. Peter-Ording in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park to relax in the therapeutic climate. read more »

Comprehensive wellness packages are on offer in this traditional, multifaceted spa resort beside the sea with its 4km sandy beach. read more »