• Bad Fredeburg
    Bad Fredeburg ©Tourismus Schmallenberger Sauerland

开辟疗养区及氡疗法 (Heilstollen- und Radontherapien):来自地球深处的治疗力量

开辟疗养区疗法会用到蕴藏在矿山中的纯净空气。 地底深处放射性的氡气也有治疗作用。

Everything a health-conscious or active holidaymaker could wish for. The Schmallenberg area of the Sauerland is made up of 83 towns and villages offering a fantastic range of health facilities and not one but two healing caves.

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Visitors to the foothills of the Swabian Alb can enjoy the delightful countryside, discover the benefits of the health mine and unwind in the Limes thermal baths in Aalen.

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