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Spas & health resorts from A to Z
Bad Waldsee, view of the town and lake
Bad Saarow, view of Lake Scharmützel
Horn-Bad Meinberg, peat spa
Pier at Sellin spa resort on the Baltic coast

Peloids – a new pamper ingredient for mind, body and soul

Peat, Fango, mineral mud and clay – all these are peloids and all are full of natural goodness, which makes them ideal for therapeutic baths and packs. Using them brings positive health benefits and helps to revitalise, regenerate and nourish.

Nestled between woods and moorland in the unmistakable Auenland countryside of Schleswig-Holstein lies the health resort of Bad Bramstedt, famous for having the biggest rheumatism clinic in northern Germany. read more »

Since 1776, patients have been coming to the state spa of Bad Meinberg for treatment and recuperation using the town's natural mineral springs and sulphurous mud. read more »

The state spa of Bad Nenndorf uses sulphur, mud and saltwater for its natural healing methods. Situated just outside Hannover , the health resort offers a multitude of options for an enjoyable holiday. read more »

Carbon dioxide, saltwater and mud have been used as natural remedies in the state spa resort of Bad Pyrmont for more than 500 years. Even Peter the Great is said to have enjoyed their therapeutic properties. read more »

Bad Saarow's virtually untouched landscape is the perfect setting for a health and fitness break or a family holiday. This elegant spa resort on Scharmützel Lake also offers a range of medical treatments. read more »

Bad Tölz is a mud spa resort in the heart of the Tölzer Land region. Having officially become a spa resort right back in 1899, it has developed and expanded its range of health services ever since. read more »

Bad Waldsee in the heart of Upper Swabia, a quality-certified mud spa, thermal spa and hydrotherapy resort in an idyllic setting between two lakes, combines three types of therapy. read more »

In Lower Saxony, in the heart of the Ammerland region, lies the spa resort of Bad Zwischenahn. Situated on the shores of Lake Zwischenahn, the third largest lake in Lower Saxony , the town offers total relaxation and much more besides. read more »

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