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Culture & history from A to Z
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German Historical Museum
Francke Foundations in Halle
Military History Museum
Topography of Terror
Museum of the Bavarian Kings
The Neuer Riesensaal
Rautenstrauch Joest Museum – Cultures of the World
The illuminated exterior of the government bunker documentation site

From the Stone Age to the peaceful revolution – museums of cultural history

For thousands of years people all over the world have been shaping the era they live in. What did they used to think, how did they live, love and celebrate? What was life like twenty, 200 or 2,000 years ago? Discover recent history and the distant past in Destination Germany.

The Nibelung Museum in the city wall of Worms opened in 2001. Inside, the Song of the Nibelungs is brought to life using the latest multimedia technology. read more »

This memorial provides information on the historic Nuremberg Trials on the site where they originally took place. read more »

For centuries the town hall was the beating heart of the free imperial city of Regensburg . read more »

The comprehensive collections of this art and cultural history museum in Heidelberg span a period of several millennia. read more »

This Cologne museum, awarded the Council of Europe's museum prize in 2012, provides compelling insights into worlds old and new, alien and familiar. read more »

Nowhere is Trier's ancient history more vividly depicted than in the city's Rhenish State Museum. read more »

This new interactive exhibition depicts the many faces and features of the romantic Middle Rhine Valley . read more »

The building on the 'Runde Ecke' (round corner) in Leipzig was for many years a tool of oppression in the former East Germany. read more »

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