Get active in the great outdoors and spread your wings

When we're surrounded by nature, our sense of wellbeing increases with every breath we take. Taking deep breaths of the pure air simply does us good, whether we’re hiking, running or doing yoga. Germany's diverse landscapes offer an incredible variety of backdrops for outdoor activities. How about a spell of meditative forest bathing, for instance? Or a long, leisurely walk by a lake? Exercising in the fresh air isn’t just good for our health – it makes us happy, too. And there are certainly plenty of opportunities to get active along the coasts, up hills and over heathland. Or perhaps a spot of morning yoga and sun salutations on the beach or lake-shore is more your thing? Whatever you do, it’s bound to be a treasured memory.

Breathing properly

Breathing properly supplies your body with more oxygen. Deeper and more conscious breathing lowers your pulse, reduces stress and improves well-being. Many health resorts and spas offer instructions in how to breathe correctly. Breathing deeply is particularly beneficial in the pure air of the forest, seaside or mountains. Some health resorts are specially prized for their healthful climate, in places where the air and climate have been shown to be particularly conducive to health and relaxation.

Hiking and forest bathing

The forest is the ultimate feel-good place; after all, it wards off heat, noise and environmental pollution and has a high concentration of oxygen. Exercising in the forest will do you a world of good. Or how about some forest bathing, instead of a hike? Combining your excursion with breathing exercises and positively ‘bathing’ in the forest will also instil inner peace. Healing forests are especially rich in oxygen and are dotted with exercise stations and places to rest.


Doing asanas while looking out over the lake, sea or mountains will get your spirit soaring and put you in a wonderful mood. A vacation makes a great opportunity to roll out your yoga mat, whether you're a complete novice or an experienced yogi. Yoga keeps you supple, expands your lung capacity and hones your powers of concentration. Besides stretching and loosening up your body, yoga is also all about relaxation and healthy eating; it’s a lifestyle rather than a sport.


Meditation is based on mindful breathing. It helps you to focus your attention on something – or to detach altogether. That takes practice, of course. But it pays off: meditation hones in your powers of concentration and relaxes you at the same time. People who practise regular meditation acquire inner balance and become more resilient to stress. A health-focused holiday is a great way of getting started. Health resorts and spas offer courses to guide you in. Give it a try!


Cycling is faster than hiking, gets your blood pumping and boosts your fitness: you’re physically active, and exploring your surroundings at the same time. With a bike, you can get far further than you would be able to on foot. Themed and circular routes provide plenty of inspiration. All health resorts rent out bikes, including pedelecs. So what are you waiting for? On your bike!

Holiday destinations: from the coasts to the mountains

The natural remedies offered at Germany’s health resorts and spas are as varied as the landscapes in which they are set. Whether you’re hankering after sand dunes and seas, forests and lakes, or breathtaking mountain panoramas, you’ll find a selection of over 350 certified spas and health resorts here.

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