Health on holiday: Enjoy complete relaxation and recharge your batteries

Experience the healing power of nature and the charm of Germany’s traditional health resorts and spas!

Air, wind and miles of space. Breathe in deeply. Connect with nature. Clear your mind and let your thoughts take flight. Summon up new strength and find inner peace. Do yourself a world of good. In times like these, it’s more important than ever to practise self-care and maintain our health. The famous Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp put a holistic approach to health and effective prevention at the very heart of his doctrine. In 2021, celebrations were held all over Germany to mark the 200th anniversary of the renowned naturopath’s birth. With their innovative thermal springs and baths, Germany’s health resorts offer the ultimate in pampering health breaks that leave nothing to be desired. The emperors, tsars and artistocrats who flocked to Germany's spas over 200 years ago certainly appreciated the benefits.

Experience the healing power of nature amid pristine landscapes, on the coast or in the mountains, and look forward to serious relaxation with baths and treatments. Over 350 state-approved and certified health resorts and therapeutic spas await!

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Ambassadors of health and relaxation

Well-being can mean all sorts of different things. Join Peter Wohlleben and breathe in the fresh forest air. Discover the traditional culture of Germany’s health resorts and spas with Silke Schauer. And let Abbess Laetitia Fech induct you into the array of native herbs, their healing properties, and Kneipp therapy.

Experiencing every moment mindfully

Nature is our habitat

Spas: the spectacle

Downtime for body and soul

Let go of your everyday cares and focus on yourself. Experience the power of nature and feel relaxation spread through every fibre of your being. Indulge in culture and culinary creations. See for yourself!


Rejuvenation or indulgence? You can have both, and much more besides.

Germany's wellness capital combines a spa tradition dating back two millennia with modern lifestyle in abundance. Baden-Baden lies nestled in the glorious natural surroundings of the Black Forest and enjoys a glorious Mediterranean climate. While away the time with a soap brush massage at the historic Friedrichsbad or relax in the sauna at the Caracalla Baths. Nature, healthcare, art, culture, pampering and wonderful hospitality come together in Baden-Baden, but ultimately the experience comes down to one thing: it should do you good.

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Wiesbaden – discover more!

The state capital of Hesse lies at the very heart of Europe, amid the Taunus Forest and the rivers Rhine and Main. The glorious green landscapes within the immediate vicinity of the built-up area is one of the most charming attributes of Wiesbaden. Once famous for its 26 hot thermal springs, which were prized for their healing powers back in Roman times, today guests can enjoy modern baths that uphold the tradition. A wide range of cultural activities, exquisite hotels, fine dining and events complete the Wiesbaden experience. We look forward to seeing you in Wiesbaden – there’s so much to discover!

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Utter relaxation on the shores of the Zwischenahner Meer

Bad Zwischenahn offers the ultimate in nature and relaxation. Just a short distance from the North Sea, which can be reached by bike, this resort is popular for those seeking wellness, heath treatment and physical activity. The Zwischenahner Meer provides all manner of relaxation or exercise options for guests. Bad Zwischenahn is also renowned for its culture, cuisine and abundant parkland, which can be explored on countless hiking trails. Discover all that this lakeside town has to offer!

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“Happy is the man who understands and strives to adopt more and more of what is necessary, useful and salutary.”

Father Sebastian Kneipp

An A to Z of health and wellness

From A for aromatherapy to Z for zen, this guide will steer you through the world of natural remedies and high-quality health treatments.

Baths/thermal baths

Breathing therapy


Detox treatment

Facial affusion


Holiday destinations: from the coasts to the mountains

The natural remedies offered at Germany’s health resorts and spas are as varied as the landscapes in which they are set. Whether you’re hankering after sand dunes and seas, forests and lakes, or breathtaking mountain panoramas, you’ll find a selection of over 350 certified spas and health resorts here.

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