Enjoy fitness and good health thanks to the healing power of nature

Humans have drawn strength from nature since time immemorial. Natural remedies soothe your body and soul. Germany boasts mineral and thermal springs, natural resources like peat, chalk and mud, and mountain and sea air besides – all abundant natural sources of health. Peat bogs, mud, briny water, sulphur and herbs all have therapeutic properties. Not only do they boost your energy levels and help you regain your inner equilibrium, but they also have a soothing and healing effect and help to ward off illness. Spas and health resorts invariably base their treatments on a specific natural remedy.

Silt and sea air

Coastal areas are oases of wellness. The interplay of air, water, sunshine, wind and temperature creates a climate that reduces susceptibility to infections. The salt and iodine content of the sea air is also hugely beneficial to the respiratory system. Salt spray in the air makes getting about on the water especially effective. Alluvial mud, meanwhile, boosts your circulation and metabolism and alleviates conditions like rheumatism.

Water from mineral and thermal sources

Water does more than just quench your thirst: it is refreshing, invigorating and has a soothing effect. The Romans were well aware of the beneficial properties of mineral and thermal springs. In Germany, groundwater that is warmer than 20 degrees Celsius is described as thermal water. Such water tends to be mineralised, and thus has a relaxing effect, stimulates your circulation and is beneficial to those suffering from rheumatism, joint diseases and allergies.

Peat and natural mud

Natural peat, peat moss, clay, chalk and mineral mud are used in various treatments due to their composition. Natural peat from moorland contains minerals and heat-storing properties that promote blood circulation, stimulate the immune system and metabolism, and help alleviate osteoarthrosis, rheumatism and muscle tension. Mineral mud has a positive effect on skin conditions, while medicinal chalk can mitigate rheumatic diseases.

Natural local remedies

Springs, soils and local climates, the presence of mineral, thermal and healing waters, and nearby resources like seawater, moss and peat or curative gases like radon and carbon dioxide help determine the treatments offered at health spas and resorts. Most places offer several types of treatment. Only thalassotherapy, which is based on seawater and alluvial mud, is only offered by the sea. Thalasso baths must be no more than 300 metres from the shore.

Natural brine and sulphur

Brine (salty water) is extracted in salt pans or salt mines. Brine with a salt content of 1.5 per cent or more is used therapeutically and eases skin conditions and respiratory or circulation issues. The salt content soothes irritated skin and has an expectorant effect. Sulphur brine treatment can relieve skin diseases, inflammation and rheumatism.

Holiday destinations: from the coasts to the mountains

The natural remedies offered at Germany’s health resorts and spas are as varied as the landscapes in which they are set. Whether you’re hankering after sand dunes and seas, forests and lakes, or breathtaking mountain panoramas, you’ll find a selection of over 350 certified spas and health resorts here.

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