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Museum of Ancient Seafaring Mainz

Situated in a historical locomotive engine shed, this museum paints a vivid and fascinating picture of the Roman Rhine fleet from late antiquity using replicas and original artefacts.

Five Roman military ships dating back to the late 3rd and 4th centuries that were found in Mainz form the centrepiece of the museum. Two of them are true-to-size replicas complete in every last detail. Visitors can admire them next to the original wrecks. How did the Roman army secure the Rhine during late antiquity? How was the Roman fleet organised? The newly designed gallery is dedicated to the history of shipbuilding, with every stage of development throughout antiquity being covered, starting with dugouts from the Stone Age.

Inscriptions on gravestones belonging to the fleet's sailors, letters and official documents are also on hand to provide further insight into people's eventful lives. Visitors can even look through special windows to see people busy with restoration work and model-building in workshops linked to the exhibition spaces. Not to mention that the museum has a fun-packed multifunctional activity area for kids. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–6 pm

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