Constance is king. The idyllic location by Europe's third-largest lake, the stunning views of the nearby Swiss Alps, the historical Old Town and the world-famous Flower Island of Mainau make Constance a wonderful travel destination.

Did you know that the university city of Constance became the focus of the Christian world for four years in 1414? Away from the centres of ecclesiastical power, a new Pope was to be found here. It was a big deal. So King Sigismund convened the Council of Constance, and the largest religious congress of the Middle Ages got under way. Today, you will encounter reminders of this dramatic period in the lakeside city's history, such as the impressive council building, at every turn. Once home to craftsmen and merchants, quaint wine taverns, fashion boutiques, artist studios, quirky craft shops and cafés have now taken up residence in these somewhat crooked buildings.

Constance is the largest city by Lake Constance and a vibrant hub in the region at the foot of the Alps, where four countries converge. This city has found great ways to enjoy water sports, art, culture and the finer things in life. Must-see UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Reichenau Island and the prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps are just a stone's throw away at Lake Constance. Vessels also head from Constance to almost every other destination connected via the lake. But the stunning Flower Island of Mainau is just as easy to reach by bike. Or simply go by foot and marvel at palm trees, giant redwoods, lemon trees and orange trees that thrive in the expansive palace gardens and the lake's mild climate.

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