Everything is close by in Düsseldorf: fashion, culture, entertainment – even the tolerant and cosmopolitan way of life that is cultivated here can be felt wherever you go. Take a seat in one of the famous craft breweries or stop for a break on the Rhine steps. You’ll soon discover that people love to chat.

Düsseldorf sets trends. It's the fashion capital of Germany with more than 800 showrooms presenting the latest designer and couture creations – and not just during fashion week. The famous Königsallee, meanwhile, is lined with exclusive boutiques. Shoppers are known to succumb to temptation in the name of fashion here. The same sentiment is felt in Carlstadt, an idyllic borough full of antique shops, galleries and art dealers. And then there's the Old Town with its laid-back vibe that has attracted unconventional fashion boutiques and numerous alternative stores to take up residence here. Not to mention the abundance of pubs, clubs and bars that has earned Düsseldorf Old Town the nickname of 'the longest bar in the world'.

Culturally minded travellers are particularly well catered for here, with several theatres, concert halls, art galleries and places of historical interest, as well as magnificent parks and gardens. Wherever you go, you'll encounter culture, with the museums and the acclaimed Düsseldorf Art Academy adding to the city's reputation as a hub of culture. And if all that fashion, art and culture leaves you feeling worn out, you can head to Burgplatz to unwind in style. One of Germany's most beautiful squares, it is Düsseldorf's ultimate weekend and evening hang-out. So sit back with a glass of local Altbier, look out to the Rhine and just enjoy the moment.

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