History hasn't always been kind to Freudenstadt. This small town in the Black Forest has been ravaged by fire, war and plague over the centuries. Following each incident, the residents restored it, making it a little bit nicer with every rebuild, so that they now live in an absolute gem.

Freudenstadt is famous far and wide for its Marktplatz square. The biggest in Germany and almost a perfect square in shape, it is lined with striking historical structures and pretty buildings with beautiful arcades that house dozens of small boutiques. The 50 water fountains create a lighthearted and upbeat ambiance and are the perfect place to cool off in summer. Another major attraction on the square is the Protestant town church, whose two naves meet at right angles.

And then there's the Black Forest. Its lush pastures with vast, wildly romantic pine forests boast an abundance of sport and leisure activities to enjoy. Not to mention the typical Black Forest villages where customs and festive traditions are part and parcel of everyday life. A great way to experience it all is from the Black Forest High Road, which runs for 60 kilometres from Freudenstadt to Baden-Baden and offers glorious views of the valleys. See all this from a different angle at the Friedrichsturm observation tower, which reaches 739 metres above sea level and was built to mark the town's 300th anniversary. This tower is located in the Kienberg spa region, which also has a treat in store for those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground: Germany's highest rose path, which is bursting with fragrance and colour.

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