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International Maritime Museum Hamburg

The exhibition at Hamburg's International Maritime Museum tells the story of explorers, conquerors, captains and sailors on a journey through 3,000 years of human history.

Visitors are invited to discover the maritime world in Hamburg's oldest preserved warehouse structure at the International Maritime Museum at the heart of HafenCity. More than 100,000 items depicting the history of seafaring are on display across nine themed decks. The museum is home to the largest private collection of maritime objects in the world. This is the only place visitors can set their eyes on the "Queen of the Seven Seas", the QUEEN MARY 2, as part of an installation comprising lights, sound and a million Lego bricks. The treasury, meanwhile, holds precious ship models made of gold, silver and amber.

The big wide world of tiny ships never fails to impress, with 40,000 miniature models reflecting the development of the seafaring world. Plus, an entire deck is reserved for marine research. Here, the work of the oceanographic institutes of the German Marine Research Consortium is showcased. Visitors of all ages can see the world's oceans with fresh eyes through the means of samples from the seabed and videos of the deep sea. Opening times: Every day: 10 am–6 pm

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